4 Ways To Improve Your Demo Events With RepBetter

Whether you’re running just a few or over 100 demo events per month, RepBetter can help improve your retail execution. The user-friendly, customizable app is simple for your brand ambassadors to learn and a simple way for you to manage your events, perform retail audits, view analytics and more. 

With RepBetter, you can say goodbye to countless spreadsheets and emails for scheduling and recording demos. This app saves you time so you can focus on the thing that matters most–building your business! Here are just a few benefits of using RepBetter: 

Calendar-Based Scheduling

Once you’ve worked out a date and time with the store your event will be in, you can assign one or your brand ambassadors to that demo. The app allows you to select the store to assign brand ambassadors to the event. The list will show you how far each ambassador lives from the store location so that you can assign it appropriately. This also gives you automatic mileage calculations for your reporting.

Your brand ambassadors automatically get notified via and in-app notifications that a demo has been assigned to them.  Brand Ambassadors can then log into the mobile app and see the upcoming events that he/she is assigned to. The event will display as “unconfirmed” until the employee presses the “confirm” button to accept the job. The event details such as date, time, location, product, miles away from home and more will be available to review before the brand ambassador confirms. You can also add notes here if you need to get a message to the employee. This means you can spend less time planning and executing demos and more time on your business!

End-to-End Demo Management

Once your ambassador is ready to begin the event, he/she can submit an opening demo report. Here, the employee will add the opening inventory and submit a picture of the demo table.  This way you can see exactly what their demo table looks like as well as how much inventory they are starting with.

When the event is complete, he/she can immediately submit the demo results. This includes the actual start and end time of the event, how many items were sold, how many samples were distributed, and if any coupons were used.  He/she will be asked to upload an after picture of the shelf, a screenshot of the demo report and a picture of the receipt. The employee must add their signature to sign off that this information is accurate.

You can also add custom questions for your employee to answer such as: How many people did you sample? Were there any negative comments? How would you say the demo performed overall?

Retail Audits

RepBetter also allows you to submit merchandising reports. Here, your employee can submit information about the merchandise available at a store. He/she will use the app to select the specific store location and report on each of your items’ inventory. The employee can also submit information on out-of-stock products and soonest expiring products. Then, the ambassador can upload photos of the product(s) on the shelf, your competitors’ product displays or a secondary display, if it’s available. You can also ask custom questions here. 

If there is a list of action items that your employee must complete during an audit, you can create a checklist for him/her to complete while there.  The checklist is clickable so the actions can be marked off as they are completed. Your reps will get more done than ever before!

Analytical Reporting 

With RepBetter’s executive dashboard, you’ll get a 360-degree view of your entire field marketing program. Daily reporting and alert emails also keep in you informed of day-to-day activities. You’ll be able to sort data to see performance by store, location, product, brand ambassador, field manager, and more. Setting up tags on events can help you to sort your data in any way you need. You know more about your field marketing program than ever before!

RepBetter is available for both iPhone and Android. Click here to get started with your end-to-end demo management and advanced analytics today.

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