4 Reasons Why You Should Demo In-Store

It’s no secret that today’s consumers are changing the way the shop–even for groceries. Supermarket News says 36.8% of adults bought groceries online in 2019. However, these people are buying infrequently. A study from Coresight “found that 41% of shoppers bought ‘a small amount’ and 31.4% purchased ‘almost none’ of their groceries online in the past year.” The survey shows CPG brands shouldn’t shy away from hosting demo events in grocery stores. Below are four opportunities that come from in-store demos.

Reach New Consumers
In the CPG industry, in-store demonstrations are the easiest way to introduce consumers to your brand. Demos allow shoppers to try your product for the first time. A study from Brigham Young University found “that people caught up in the taste or touch of a product or event were more likely to be interested at an earlier time.” This proves that people who taste your samples are more likely to buy than people who only saw your ads.

Engage Customers Face-to-Face
A human connection is something the internet can’t offer. Your brand ambassadors have the power to make sales and positive first impressions of your brand. A warm, inviting attitude can attract consumers to your demo, and a friendly conversation can go a long way in forming a consumer’s opinion of your product and brand.

Be sure to highlight the benefits of the product with a good sales pitch. Millennial shoppers seek food with benefits, so focusing on how the product can improve quality of life or health may resonate with the buyer.

Build Relationships With Employees
Hand out samples to as many employees as you can. Positive interactions with an employee can persuade him/her to send customers to your demo, increasing your foot traffic. A friendly conversation can also inspire a shelf stocker to take extra care when placing your items. Additionally, having a strong relationship with a store manager can help your in-store displays thrive long after your ambassador has left the store, and keep you coming back for future events!

Stay Connected
It’s essential to stay top of mind with consumers after they leave the store, especially if they showed interest in purchasing but ultimately didn’t buy your product. You might consider handing out giveaways with your logo to the first several customers that they can remember you buy. Examples of giveaways are branded t-shirts, coozies or bag clips.

You could also leave a sign-up sheet for people to join your e-mail list to receive coupons, promotional information, and news.

Social media is another easy way to reach consumers, promote your in-store demos and increase foot traffic. You should let people know that you’re on social media at your demos so they can follow you when you get home. 32% of people turn to social media when looking for more information about a product or brand, according to Ignite Social Media so be sure that you have a strong presence on the major social networks.

Consumers are attracted to products they see other people enjoying. In your case, long lines are good! If customers see a crowd around your demo, they will assume this product is worth testing. Positive interactions with store shoppers and employees are vital to a successful demo event. If you have any questions regarding how you can improve your in-store demos, please contact us. Be sure to follow us on social media for up-to-date content!

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